CRM Software for Real Estate

Whether it's commercial or residential, the real estate businesses need to be exceptionally client-centered just to survive. Knowing your customer or client’s financial resources it assists you within their long-term needs. it's everything basic arrangement making data and it's exactly where our real estate lead management software can help.

What is Real Estate Lead Management Software?

Why it’s good to go with Variable Soft Real Estate CRM Software?

Variable Soft is a very much reputed software development company in India and we are famous for our on-time delivery and quality of work. We are one of the best software development companies situated inthe pink city Jaipur. We are providing the best services to our clients so that they can visit us again and again with new development opportunities.

We have developed various CRM’s for different industries based on their requirements. Our Real Estate CRM Software has all the modules which are required for the real estate business. We have a very great technical support team that will provide you full assistance regarding the software. One of the best reasons to choose is that we provide cost-effective CRM.

Why there is need the specialized CRM for the real estate business

Variable Soft Real Estate CRM Features

Lead Management/ Automation

This module automatically captures the leads from the property portals like Magic bricks, 99acres, websites, Facebook, Google, Missed calls, etc.

Property Management

In Property Management module entire data of properties are maintained, this is used to simplify the working of property executive by monitory the stock from anywhere, anytime and keeping eyes on dashboard reports.

Keyword Based Searching

Searching on our CRM is keyword-based it means by using only keywords you can search.

Property Listing

In this module, the list of the property will appear and you can see the status of the property.

Property Buyers or leads

This module leads the screen and it used to capture the customer's need and interest in locality, profile, budgets along with the status and remarks.

Booking/ Sales Closure Management

This module manages the bookings of property, details, discounts, commissions, rates, attach agreements, documents and pending payments.

Property Master/ Inventory

This property master module used to maintain the entire details of property like budget, size, flat, plots, available count, project details and locality.

Active Customer Care Support

Our Active customer support always available to solve the customer query regarding the property and it used to provide valuable information to our customers regarding the property.

Customize Leads Status

Customization Module of CRM helps the administrators to customize software as per business needs. Fields, Views, Forms, Emails, SMS, Templates, Reports, Product Logo, and Dashboards are all customizable to suit client requirements.

Visitor visit Real-time notification

This will provide real-time notification when the visitor visits your website.