Sales Force Automation Software for Sales

salesforce automation tool that aides in expanding the profitability and productivity of the sales force with the utilization of real-time data. It gives a 360-degree perspective on each planned customer complete with past interests and inclinations.

Lead Management System

Lead Automation and Lead Management System

Email to Leads

Save time via automating your sales work and crack deals quicker. Send a fast email through our CRM’s Email Solution, record the calls-on-go, get point by point data of the clients and add a personal touch to your follow-ups. With all the data on fingertips available, effectively oversee potential possibilities, nurture cold leads, and convert more leads into hot deals.

Website to Leads

Produce quality leads from the website and have all your lead data adjusted in our CRM. Use website leads to target custom crowds, comprehend their preference, and tweak your sales pitch to maximizing chances of winning the deal.

Excel Import/Export

Import and Export the Excel data to our CRM and store the data safe and secure. The arrangement of data becomes easy and simple.

Attach Documents

Any client’s documents can be uploaded on the CRM and whole data of our client will lie at the same place. This can be maintained easily.

Timeline View

The timeline view of our CRM will show everything that has been happened with particular clients like follow-up tasks, email received and notes were taken during the conversation.

Web Portals to Leads

Generate leads from web portals and have all your lead data adjusted in our CRM. Take the data from the web portals and keep all the data in our CRM.

Lead Email, SMS & Voice Communication

Without communication we can’t interact with customers, easy way to connects with customer is important. Our CRM provides you Email, Sms and voice communication through, which you can connect in a super fast and easy way

Email Communication

Make focused on crusades for strategically significant clients in your mailing list dependent on a variety of parameters, for example, purchase history, geography,and previous engagement.

SMS Communication

Integrating SMS messaging into your marketing efforts or sales and support function can help you to engage your audience at the perfect time. About everybody conveys a phone nowadays, so send them significant instant messages when all is good and well to expand engagement with your brand.

Voice Communication

Voice communication plays a vital role in converting your lead into sales. By using our voice communication feature, you can directly contact your customers and make personal communication.

Lead Activities Planning, Tracking & Reporting

Sales, Calls & Visits Tracking

By using the CRM system, you are allowed to track sales, calls and visits of your customer and variable soft CRM provides this all feature which makes your sales process easy and simple.

Sales Team Productivity Reports

Our CRM system gives you facilities to generate the sales team reports so that you can analyze entire sales done by your team.

Daily, Weekly Activity Planner

By using our CRM, you can make a plan for daily and weekly activity for enhancing your sales and by this, you can manage the sales easily and efficiently.

Daily Sales Reports

Daily sales reports also generated by using our CRM system. This will help you track where you are lacking in your sales procedure.

Activities & Reminders

Our CRM system allows you to create activity as well as make it a reminder by using VS CRM.

Lead Activities Tracking

VS CRM allows you to track the activities of the lead and make strategies for converting the leads into the business.

Contact Management

Get a period of time insights regarding your customers, have interaction with them and build sturdy relationships. several of Organisation loss their half-hour business or sales owing to not have higher contact manager. Contact management facilitates to store all of your lead or person whom you would like to move to be save in your information whenever you would like you'll be able to connect with them this help to grow your business and conjointly manage personal interaction with purchasers.

What is Workflow Automation?

For any salesperson, workflow automation is the best thing after the invention of the wheel. Sending an email, raising invoices, follow-up on leads are a portion of the monotonous task that each sales representative needs to do each day. Monotonous tasks wind up getting every day and that is when blunders kick in. We may overlook sending that one invite email or more regrettable despite everything, skirts a receipt age. With Intelligent Workflows from VS CRM, you can kick back and let the framework do practically everything for you. To put it plainly, this workflow automation gives a straightforward point-and-snap interface that empowers you to set up, automate and run virtually any business procedure.

Top 5 Benefits of Workflow Automation