CRM is used to strengthen the connection between clients and businesses or organizations. It assists the organization to understand its clients more intently, which encourages them in settling on better choices which leads to consumer satisfaction and extraordinary results. In this advanced period, running the business without using good customer relationship management software, it will be not good for you and for your customer. Our VS CRM solution we offer you at a cost-effective price. Now, let discuss the work of admin in the VS CRM system.

VS CRM admin manages the entire CRM system. Admin has full access to the CRM and they are the authorized person who can add/delete/edit things on CRM. Admin can hire ABM (Managers) and ABE (executive) for managing the work and admin will provide some rights to managers and executives.

  • Add/Edit/ Delete customer from CRM
  • Add/Edit/ Delete ABM & ABE
  • Add/Edit/ Delete data

ABM (Area Business Manager)

ABM can see only those part of CRM which is allowed by the Super Admin. They can add executive under them so they can watch the activity of all the leads and salesperson under them. ABM can see only their team activity and their leads they are not able to see the working of other managers and their team tasks.

ABE (Area Business Executive)

ABM will hire the executive under them and monitor their works. The ABE will work under a single manager and ABE not allow to see the work of other ABE in the team. The ABE only manages the sales team other them.