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It's a platform that connects your various departments, from customer service to sales to marketing, and organize their activities, notes and matrices into one cohesive system. Each user has simple, direct access to the real-time customer information they need. In simple language Customer relationship Management (CRM) isn't only the utilization of innovation, yet is a procedure to become familiar with clients' needs and practices so as to create more grounded associations with them. Thusly it is to a superior amount a business reasoning than a specific answer for assistance with managing clients viably and adeptly. Nevertheless, productive CRM depends on the use of technology.

Sales Force Automation (SFA) denotes to software apps for sales management. SFA offers automated workflows that produce a streamlined sales process to accomplish business leads, sales forecasts and team performance.

Software as a service (or SaaS) is a method for delivering applications over the Internet—as a service. Rather than introducing and looking after software, you just access it by means of the Internet, liberating yourself from complex software and hardware management.

Yes, all information is password protected so you don’t need to worry regarding the security of your data.

Any data you give to outsiders on or through their sites is secured under their protection and information assortment arrangements and isn't secured by this Policy.

VS CRM is made for all kind of screens so it will be compatible with your computer.

Cookies are used for multiple tenacities. We can categorize them as two based on their persistence in a website - essential and non-necessary. As the name shows, necessary cookies are those that permit the technical functioning of the website. Without these cookies, the website would not work as it should.

Mobile CRM delivers a full CRM experience on tablets, smart phones, and other internet-enabled devices. It permits sales, customer service and marketing teams to admittance and manage key data in real time, wherever they want.

Yes, VS CRM is customizable, we will be developed CRM as per your requirement.

Cloud-based CRM software is basically CRM software that is hosted in the cloud, sense collected customer information is stored and retrieved by businesses by the internet. This means that your business doesn't have to concern about data management and storage, or paying for individual licenses for multiple devices.

We are very gratified of our data safety process which make your data safe. We host thousands of people’s data as well as lawyers and government agencies so we take data security and safety very seriously.

There are numerous business tools getting used by small business sales teams that it's virtually impossible for a CRM software platform to supply a native integration for all of them. Fortunately, third-party services have come to the rescue. These third-party integrations connect your CRM with a good wider range of business tools.

Yes! VS CRM will work for you as we will customize your CRM according to your business requirements.

Yes! VS CRM will import your excel sheets.

Yes! VS CRM has a very simple design so it can use any by non-IT people easily.

Yes! We will help in doing full-setup, don’t you worry regarding this. Our technician will help you with the migration VS CRM setup.

Yes! We will provide you on-premise help in implementing the VS CRM at your business.

Yes of course! VS CRM system is very simple to use so any person who has basic computer knowledge can easily handle it.

Yes! Defiantly, your team can use VS CRM Mobile application and update their work by using their mobile phone.

Yes! We have VS CRM mobile application for mobile phones.

Yes! It will work for you; don’t you worry about it.

Yes! You can automate it.