Capture your leads from the

If any leads enquire about you, they will be captured automatically.

Missing a lead is now the things of past

Automatically catch each lead

Each lead who enquires about anything about your organization gets automatically caught into the VS CRM. We understand that each lead is essential to you.

Distribute your Leads Automatically

Disseminate leads automatically to various agents, in view of the area of the lead, and whatever other criteria that you set.

Nurture your leads

Nurture your leads with emails and dribble campaigns dependent on the pages they are seeing on your site. The pertinent substance at the perfect time guarantees they recall you when they are prepared to purchase.

Let VS CRM work for you

There is no need for manually entering and managing every lead in the excel. Entire leads that are emailed to you and they are captured and tracked in the VS CRM with the Zero manual intervention.

Track your leads

Track each lead caught through Score the leads dependent on their activities and quality, and qualify them as needs be. Take out garbage leads.

Investigate your performance

Investigate how well Shiksha is functioning for you as far as getting terminations, how long is the conversation cycle and how the income is being created from each recorded property.